atacmonitor collects every 3 minutes the waiting time for the bus lines in Rome

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The dataset is based on the Open Data by I collect and store the expected waiting time for bus lines in Rome. For every bus line, we consider the second-last station in the trip. We measure the minutes to be waited for the next upcoming bus at that station. I collect this measure for every bus line every 3 minutes. This data is stored, and this page shows some statistics.

Average waiting minutes

We can see the distribution of waiting minutes for every bus line. Every bar in the chart represents a bus line. The length of the bar shows the average amount of minutes to wait.

Note that this average may under-estimate the real waiting time. If you are at a stop, but no bus is upcoming, there is no expected waiting time. This statistics only takes in account waiting time when a bus left the terminus and is actually driving to the station.

Average waiting time last week

We compute the average waiting time on all the lines for every day of the last week.

Average waiting over the day

For every hour of the day, we compute the maximum and the average waiting time for all the bus lines.

On the X-axis we have the hour of the day (13 = 13:00-13:59). The lines represents the average waiting time during that hour for all the bus lines.

Longest waiting time

This is the longest waiting time in minutes shown at a bus station.


You can contact me for info about the dataset or if you want to contribute to the reporting statistics.